Department Of Biosciences Facilities

Rain water harvesting

Rain water harvesting- The department offers technical help who needs assistance in the implementation of roof top rainwater harvesting system

Solid waste management

Solid waste management- The department is a consultant of household solid waste management by vermi composting and mushroom cultivation

Plant Tissue culture lab

Plant Tissue culture lab-There is an exclusive facility maintained for basic plant tissue culture experiments

Water Quality Analysis lab

Kerala State Pollution Control Board approved Water Quality Analysis lab- Service is available to public to check the potability of water

Protein purification facility

Protein purification facility- The department has ample facility for protein purification which includes HPLC system and cold room

Molecular identification Facility

The department provides experimental support for the molecular identification of Microorganisms. The platform includes Gradient PCRs, Gel Documentation system and UV- Visible spectrophotometer