Department Of Animation & Graphic Design Facilities

Stop Motion Lab

Stop motion laboratory with high end animator’s work desks, cameras and lights provides the students with the environment for master creations in the field of stop motion animation. The space will make the students confident in creating works like Flip books, Cut Out animations, Pixilation, Puppet animations, Claymation, Sand animations etc. This environment will lead students to create new innovations and experiments.

2D Animation Lab

In 2D Animation Lab, students will be trained to master the production of a classical animation. Students will be skilled to develop the fully equipped animator’s work desks or light box with the required peg bars and illuminating translucent disk. Students will be facilitated to capture their drawings using cameras and create their film outputs using high end 2D softwares. The laboratory consists of 25 light boxes, cameras, punching machines and computer systems.

Exhibition Hall

Dubbing Studio and Studio Floor

Set up a Video and audio studio for recording/production of in-house films and game developments. We strive to provide the perfect setting for a creative environment for students to sharpen their technical skills

3D Animation lab

3D Animation lab is fully equipped with most modern hardware and software support. The laboratory consists of 50 high end computer systems with required graphics and animation softwares. The facilities provide students opportunity to develop skills that the industry demands