Best Practices


Title of the Practice: DREAMS – Developing Robust Entrepreneurial Attitudes and MindsetS


  • To enhance visibility and participation in both formal and informal entrepreneurial programs.
  • To launch the entrepreneurial campus by fostering an increase in the number of startup businesses established in the Incubation Centre.


The significance of entrepreneurship and startup initiatives cannot be overstated. Universities and colleges are breeding grounds for cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets and capabilities at a very young age. Our institution, with a rich history of successful alumni entrepreneurs, anticipates a substantial percentage of students opting for entrepreneurial careers.


Our campus has a wide range of student and enterprise support services. The entrepreneurship ecosystem is guided by MES Innovation and Start Up Policy.  Exposure to real entrepreneurs is facilitated through regular “Meet the Entrepreneur” sessions, featuring prominent and emerging entrepreneurs as distinguished speakers.

Numerous programs are implemented to acquaint students with startup ideas, innovations, and technologies. Frequent visits to TBI/FAB labs/Laboratories/industrial concerns and events are organized. Institutional bodies on campus actively promoting innovation comprise:

  • ED Club – a longstanding initiative spanning over a decade
  • IEDC sponsored by Kerala Start-up Mission
  • IIC
  • APJ Abdul Kalam RIT Chair
  • Meta Valley TBI

Major Initiatives

  • Implemented Talrop-Start-up School project on campus
  • Part of Young Innovator Program under K-DISC, AICTE’s SIH etc.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BIIC, MG University.
  • Special sessions for women in the local households to enhance their digital/entrepreneurial/marketing skills
  • Golden Membership with the ICT Academy.
  • State-level tech series by MetaValley
  • Mobility between our institution and enterprises through organized industrial visits.
  • Hack Club and Fab Lab.
  • Conducting idea pitching competitions and hackathons to encourage innovation.
  • Sessions on IPR and formation of companies.
  • Organization of “Swayam-thozhil” workshops, emphasizing self-employment for both students and local residents
  • Network of successful alumni entrepreneurs and visits to their organization.
  • Short-term entrepreneurship related certificate courses like Boutique Management, Cookery, Bag Making etc.

Evidence of Success

  • MetaValley TBI incorporated in March 2023 have witnessed a substantial increase in incubated startups to 27, including notable ventures like Funder Sports, Credize, Breakthrough Learning, Apothecary Medical Services as well as student startups.
  • Patent for the Weather Monitoring System, association with NIPAM, and funding of Rs. 4,00,500 from the KSUM for IEDC activities since 2019.
  • Digital Light board developed by Department of Vocational Studies
  • Developed disinfecting Robot, 3-D Printer, and Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Machine
  • IEDC produced Power banks to distribute in flood relief camps
  • Plastic shredding machine as part of consultancy services
  • Champion at Smart India Hackathon held at Odissa
  • Three-star rated IIC. Ranked among the top 20 IICs in the state.

Problems Encountered

  • Challenges paused by political environment and rigid structure of academic schedule.
  • Scarcity of funding and resources.
  • Time constraints stemming from the need to manage academics and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Title of the Practice: INSPIRE-INitiatives for Sustainable Progress and Inclusive civic REsponsibility


  • To engage students in local projects, to strengthen community ties and a sense of belonging while nurturing responsibility, citizenship and empathy within the community.
  • Align initiatives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, empowering students to address global challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future


The college is situated in rural area and inhabited mostly by backward community, and these activities have been pivotal to the educational and socio-economic upliftment. Prioritizing initiatives that align with global sustainability goals underscores the utmost significance attributed to the well-being of the planet Earth.


  • Pragathi – supporting disadvantaged students in the nearby schools by distributing uniforms/bags/ notebooks.
  • Sahasra Jeevan – Donating 1000 blood units within a year.
  • Constructing houses – To alleviate economic hardships.
  • Massive Flood Relief Activities in Alappuzha, Ernakulam, and Wayanad.
  • Adoption of Tribal Village Mamalakandam
  • “Krishipadam”- Crop cultivation and harvest
  • Sahodarangalkoru Pothichoru, Patheyam -Hunger relief initiatives
  • Hosting FLTC, Mega Vaccination Drive– Sanitizer/Dispensers/Masks production and distribution
  • Partnering with Olive Palliative Care and Anwar Memorial Hospital to donate oxygen cylinders and medical cot
  • Samatwa-2021- Supporting differently-abled.
  • Computer-Padasala – To enhance digital literacy of school students
  • INSIEME Workshop- Hand on sessions in computerized accounting and GST.
  • Electronic Training Programs/ Drishti Physics Training Program and Pathways Community Outreach for school students.

  • E-Governance Workshops – Empowering local women through E-governance
  • Pathway Social Life Wellness Program – Mental health and social well-being program for girls.
  • Jal Jeevan Mission Survey to ensure access to clean tap water connections to households.
  • Water Quality Testing Lab
  • Dyuthi Energy saving Workshop for homemakers
  • Pride Month observation for gender equity/LGBTQ
  • Sannadha Sena for National Disaster Relief
  • Suchitwa Saksharatha Mission to promote sanitation and hygiene.
  • Asset Recreation at Health Centre
  • Unnath Bharat Abhiyan Adoption of Manjapra village for rural development
  • Basic English and Mobile Literacy Programs among parents.
  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Paper Bag Making Workshops and distribution to local shops
  • Beach Cleaning Activities
  • Planting tree saplings in campus
  • Rakshin Project to promote safety and security in communities.
  • PDS online training to SHG-Kudumbasree

Evidence of success

  • Awards for outstanding performance in NSS activities.
  • Recognition for significant support to the Jal Jeevan Mission.
  • Award from the Kerala State AIDS Control Society for blood donation
  • Skill development workshops for women adding value to livelihood
  • Special mention from the Ernakulam District Collector and 31 Kerala Science Congress for flood relief efforts.
  • House donated for Alumnus by ORMA Alumni Association

  • Sahachari Award for exceptional work with differently-abled individuals.
  • Environment sustainability activities as Massive E-waste collection drive, plastic free campaign, Swachh Bharath

Problems encountered

  • Difficulty in securing sufficient funds and time to address local community needs.
  • Difficulty in effectively managing and coordinating civic-engagement activities.
  • Volunteers need professional training to ensure they are adequately equipped.