MES – ADOPT (Academic and Diverse Opportunity Providers for Tomorrow)

MES College Marampally, where you experience top-notch academe, is a multifaceted vibrant community brimming with opportunities designed to ignite students’ academic passion and propel them toward their dream careers. For us, diversity is not just a word; it is our heartbeat. Our academic tapestry is woven with a multitude of programmes, catering to every intellectual curiosity and professional aspiration. Whether the students are captivated by the intricate workings of technology, fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind, or drawn to the ever-evolving landscape of global business, our institute has a UG/PG programme waiting to unlock their potential.

Programme Highlights

  • Non-Conventional Programmes: Academic programmes aligning with Model II/III programmes, improve prospects for pursuing lucrative career paths and well-paid jobs. Prioritizing hands-on experience and practical skills for Science streams, offering internship-oriented study for computer-based Arts and Commerce streams, these programmes prepare students effectively for real-world applications.
  • Skill Development Programmes: As the pioneer in providing Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc.), our college helps students to achieve theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to enter the workforce with confidence. The key benefits of B.Voc. programmes – NSDC-issued skill certificates, industry-relevant curriculum, internships, improved job opportunities – ensure standardized qualifications and sectoral skill development. Securing the patent underscores our institution’s commitment to research, development and practical knowledge, making our college recognized as one of the top institutions offering B.Voc. programmes in Kerala.

Both Model II/III and B.Voc. programmes enhance industry collaboration via Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), facilitating internships, workshops and training with industry partners for students’ exposure and expertise.


  • During the pandemic, students and faculty engaged in Coursera programmes, securing 25534 certificates, achieving records:

    i) European Book of Records

    ii) International Book of Records

    iii) URF Asian Records

    iv) URF National Records

    v) URF World Record for the highest enrolment in certificate courses.

  • A team of six students and two mentors participated in the Smart India Hackathon 2022 in Bhubaneswar from 25-29 August 2022, and secured runner-up position.
  • Nodal Centre for the Virtual Labs of NITK Surathkal and Amrita Vishwa
  • Spoken Tutorial Programmes by IIT Mumbai
  • Performer status in the Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA) 2021
  • 3.0-star accredited IIC
  • ICT Academy premium membership

Student Support

  • The College’s emphasis on a supportive learning environment promotes positive student-teacher relationships, encouraging motivation for academic excellence in achieving high ranks (168 ranks) in university assessments.
  • The Management, PTA and Alumni offer unwavering financial aid, empowering students to pursue dreams through scholarships and access to essential study materials.
  • Metavalley TBI, the launchpad for entrepreneurial ventures in campus Incubation Centre, nurtures innovation with 27 flourishing start-up companies, including two student-led ventures.
  • Diverse cells including IEDC, IIC, ED, IPR and Start-up Cells foster self-sufficiency and self-employment for students to create avenues for innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property development.
  • ASAP, a Kerala Government initiative links students to the job market by merging academic courses with short-term skill training, fostering industry-relevant skills.
  • Enrolment of students in job-oriented Add-on Programmes offered by the Departments in collaboration with industries and Certificate Programmes offered by the NPTEL local chapter.
  • CSI Student Chapter serves as a dynamic platform for idea exchange and information sharing; and Tinker Hub explores emerging technologies and enhances students’ technical proficiency.
  • Research Promotion Council and APJ Abdul Kalam Chair for Research, Innovation, and Technology foster interdisciplinary research, endorsing innovative student-led initiatives.
  • Placement Cell conducts Finishing School and Employability Skill Workshops for final-year students, enhancing workforce readiness and ensuring successful placements.
  • Women Cell promotes gender equity and women empowerment; NSS, NCC, Red Cross, Minority, OBC, SC/ST cells engage students in societal responsibility, citizenship values, earning 34 awards for extension activities.

Sports, Arts and Culture

Our students exhibit exceptional talent in sports, games and cultural activities, consistently achieving excellence at International, National, State and University levels. The training and resulting accolades contribute significantly to the vibrant sports and cultural atmosphere within the college, fostering creativity, teamwork and a sense of achievement among students.

Facilities include

  • An outstanding sports infrastructure that facilitates diverse sports activities.
  • In-house coaching for football, netball, basketball, kabaddi, taekwondo, cricket, judo, kurash, skating and cycling.
  • Students participation in prestigious international championships like the Asian and World Kurash Championships, World Oceania Artistic Skating, National Games, National, State and University Championships.
  • Full-ride scholarships as recognition for sporting excellence to students achieving national selections.
  • Supports neighbouring schools and panchayath for conducting sports activities in our campus, thus extending our sport’s commitment beyond the campus.
  • The Physical Education Department trains students of recognized schools; and hosts various university, state and national level tournaments; thus enhancing the impact on sports education in the community.
  • Providing yoga classes and self-defense sessions contribute to the overall well-being of students, promoting physical fitness and personal safety.
  • First in Kerala, our college initiated B.Voc. Multi-Sports and Fitness Training, providing sports career opportunities.
  • Arts and Literary Club provides training for various cultural and literary events.
  • The Centre of Happiness fosters well-being among students and staff, sets an example for maintaining work-life balance in the college community.

Medals and Awards in Sports and Arts

  • International – 4
  • National – 25
  • State – 92
  • University – 177

College Premises and facilities

  • ICT-enabled classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, design studio, and research centers provide students with the tools and resources to translate theory into practice.

  • The College library, a treasure for students and faculty, provides diverse academic materials for research and self-directed learning.
  • The spacious cafeteria offers nutritious meals and serves as a social hub, enhancing the college community’s well-being.
  • Recreational spaces, including parks and restrooms, contribute to a healthy student experience and work-life balance for staff.
  • Spanning 25 acres, our green campus promotes environmental sustainability, featuring Nature, Forestry and Energy and Environmental Conservation Clubs, as well as well-tended department gardens, ensuring a flourishing and verdant atmosphere.
  • Facilitates transportation utilizing 13 buses, enhancing educational accessibility.
  • Affordable hostel accommodations facilitate a conducive environment for focused study and community-building.

Our promise, MES – ADOPT is not to select a college, but to choose a launchpad for your dreams. Take the first step towards your exceptional future and discover what you can achieve.