Adv.  A A Abul Hassan

“great is the art of beginning,
but, greater is the art of ending”

At the outset, let me congratulate all the persons for their relentless hard work and indomitable spirit of enthusiasm, which made our institution to bring forth into the virtual reality in the form of an exhilarative website. The great poet H W Longfellow has befittingly made both beginning and end, the cynosure of every aspect. I pray not let the spirit of enthusiasm and the initiation to be faded. MES, whose institutional progress has transformed it’s own name, a synonym for the empowerment of minorities for over many decades, had fetched many budding talents, who come reluctantly and go out empowered. The role of an educational institution is not only to pursue academic excellence, but also to motivate it’s students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens in a world of competence. Ours’ is an institution, which always focus on academic progress and holistic development of talents and abilities of every students, especially that of the unprivileged.

“As we are, so we do …”, says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ours is an institution, which has won plaudits even from our counterparts for the services rendered for the upliftment of the minority sections. My only humble request to the students is to spread their nets and see a wide range of possibilities. Wishing you all to achieve success in the face of great challenges!