Nature Club

“If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right.”-says M.S Swaminathan. Nature in its well preserved state is an inevitable factor for the very existence of human beings. The nature club of M.E.S College, Marampally, is keen at taking the prime step that lead the students to mould a character considering mother earth. It also focuses its attention on spreading the message of environmental preservation and protection in young minds. It tries to enlighten the student community with nature awareness and the necessity to preserve it for a better future. Keeping this in mind, the activities and programmes are organized every year, independently as well as in association with national agencies such as the World Wide Fund for nature.


  • To inculcate an appreciation for nature in young minds, for a better future.
  • To promote harmony between humans and nature through a participatory approach.
  • To ensure nature conservation and environmental protection through environmental education and awareness.