Department of Arabic

  • BA Arabic Language and Literature Model II- Vocational : Translation(HONOURS)- (Self Financing)

  • Morphology In Arabic
  • Functional Arabic
  • Islamic Law Of Inheritance

The department of Arabic is one of the prestigious departments of MES College, Marampally under the Mahatma Gandhi University. It enjoys a high reputation among the students and teachers of Arabic language in Kerala. The department provides a vocational programme in the field of bilingual translation for the students of under graduate level. The programme started in the 2008-2009 educational year. The programme designed to make the students able to verbal and written communication. As the programme is one among the vocational steam, it prepares the students as well skilled translators and interpreters from English into Arabic and vice-versa. The programme provides the teaching skills also.

The department provides the translation facility to the public which is availed by the NRIs and Gulf returnees. Acquiring the skills of communication and translation / interpretation many of the alumnies of the Department is working in the tourism sector. Thus the department contributes to the national economy.

The department of Arabic also has Al-Misbah Arabic association which keeps the students ready in different curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year. Our department provides in every semester “Ibn seena educational scholarships” for financially weak and top with scholar students.

The department offers BA Arabic Vocational Course (Model II) is intended to train the students to take up specific jobs on the completion of their studies. The course is designed to meet the present and future employment opportunities. Students have to acquire knowledge in spoken and written forms of Arabic. They should have proficiency in official correspondence in Arabic and teaching Arabic for non-Arab speakers.

Department of Arabic