Department Of Electronics

  • B.Sc. Electronics Model III (HONOURS) (Aided)

  • M.Sc. Electronics (Self Financing)
  • Certificate Course On Matlab
  • Certificate Course On Data Communication & Computer Hardware

The department offers both UG and PG Programme in Electronics. B.Sc. Electronics (Aided) Programme started in the year 1995 and is designed with the objective to equip students to pursue careers in Electronics, Communication, IT and Computer Hardware related fields or to go in for higher studies. It is targeted to provide in depth knowledge of scientific and technological aspects of Electronics and to familiarize with current and recent technological developments. The programme provides practical knowledge through developing working projects and enhancing presentation skills through practicing seminars. The programme train the students in skills related to electronics industry and market and create foundation for research and development in Electronics. It will equip students with analytical abilities towards real world problems. Individual courses in this programme such as Basics of Electrical and Electronics Technology, Digital Electronics, Electromagnetic Theory, Microprocessors and Microcontroller and Embedded systems, RF, Fibre Optic and Digital Communication systems, Computer Networks and Digital Signal Processing etc. help the students to build-up a progressive and successful career in Electronics. The programme produces electronic professionals who can be directly employed or start his/her own work as Electronic circuit Designer, Electronics consultant, testing professional, Service engineer and even an entrepreneur in electronic industries.

The programme, Master of Science in Electronics, started in the year, 2002, is designed to contribute to global technological development in various fields of Electronics. The programme provides a wide opening in the field of research in Electronic Communications, Advanced Embedded Systems, Wireless technology and Microwave Communications. We also provides in house project training, NET/GATE coaching, Special coaching for competitive exams and placement assistances.

The department has a well-established training laboratory in Advanced Electronic Circuits, VLSI design, Microcontroller and Embedded systems. The department hosts a variety of technical talks, micro-workshops for improving communication & leadership abilities, knowledge sharing programmes with other departments, certificate and Add-On courses in MATLAB and House-Hold Wiring, which provides a forum for entrepreneurs, faculties, research scholars and IT professionals.

Department Of Electronics