• Students with physical disability were offered a training programme on Self employability by Mr. Praveen Rajan, CEO Green Tech Enterprises. He insisted on the relevance of seeking new creative ideas in framing the entrepreneurial environment of businesses by incorporate the potentiality of all individuals with genuine ideas and skill set.
  • Students were offered a Motivation programme on “ Wings to Life” by Mrs. Sheeba K. H , where the students were imbibed to value their life as an asset and look forward in contributing their wisdom and expertise to society. They were asked to generate ideas that effects warning issues witnessed in their neighbourhood.
  • A scholarship awareness class were been delivered to students to help them utilize all the services and benefits offered and sponsored by Government to pursue higher studies or attain employability. Class were organized by Mr. Antony Joseph, Professor, AIMAT with Mrs. Sheeba K.H as coordinator.
  • Study groups were formed to help these students understand the concepts under study which otherwise they found difficult to grasp within the stipulated class hours, with the help of concerned tutors of respective departments.
  • Workshop on glass painting and bottle art, flower making were offered to students with disability to make them feel vocational even from home. A class on Home Science were also offered to hem Mrs. Dhanya Sasikumar, Asst. Professor, MES College, Marampally, highlighting the areas of Hotel management , Homely foods , online portals to place orders on homely foods including sweet, savouries or spices.
  • Final year students were given an awareness campaign on PSC and other such related secured job vacancies where reservations are available to attain jobs of their interest and profile by Dr. A. K Prema, Former Head, Cochin College.

Visits of Physically Challenged Resource persons to the college

  • Department of Biosciences , MES College Marampally organized a programme for differently abled students and parents at Wecare Special school, Veliyathunadu. Ms Sona Jose, a person with Cerebral Palsy, Founder member & Project coordinator , Gem Foundation inaugurated the programme.
  • Two day National Seminar was conducted by Psychology department on the topic ”Neuro Developmental Disability” on 19 and 20th December 2017. The programme was officially inaugurated by Anish Mohan, National Coordinator at The Institute for Person Centered Approaches in India. Anish Mohan is a Motivational Speaker and a person who challenged his own disability
  • Sports day for the year 2014 was inaugurated by Joby Mathew, an Indian International arm wrestler .Joby Mathew is a physically challenged person by birth with 60% disabilities.
  • Sports inauguration of 2015 was done by Neeraj Baby George, badminton player , who was a physically challenged person
  • The inauguration of Commerce Association for the year 2016 “ELVANTO 2K16” was inaugurated by famous entrepreneurs Humayan Kaliyath and Pahilsha Kalliyath, Directors of TMT Kalliyath. Pahilsha kalliyath was a disabled person
  • The students of Arabic department visited Kuttamassery Blind School on 17th January,2018 and presented one copy of Holy Quran in the Braille Script