Resource Mobilization Policy

The Resource mobilisation policy focuses on achieving the goals and target of the institution ensuring accountability and transparency.

The harmonised Governing body coordinates and monitors the optimal utilisation of the funds for the promotion of learner centric ecosystem.

  • The Institution is a centrally managed non-profit organisation with honorary governing body members which ensures the income generated is spent optimally in the institution itself
  • A financial advisory body is in place to manage the management funds. The government funds are taken care of by the Planning forum, UGC plan coordinator and DST-FIST coordinator of the college
  • Funds are provided to meet the infrastructure requirement of the institution while starting new programmes and centres
  • The management provides financial supports to seminars/workshops/expert talks/Association activities/Faculty Development programmes
  • The extracurricular activities of the students are a major concern and adequate funds provide for Sports and Cultural activities
  • Scholarships and free ships to the deserving students
  • Provident fund(PF) and Employee State Insurance(ESI) benefits are provided to the Management appointed staffs
  • Financial Resources of the institution are

    • Tuition fee
    • Corporate grant
    • Bus fee
    • Hostel Fee
    • Government funds-UGC/DST/Grant-in-Aid of Kerala Government
  • Tuition fee and Corporate grant is used for the infrastructure and academic activities
  • Government funds are optimally used for which it is sanctioned
  • No income is generated from Bus fee and hostel fee
  • Transparency and accountability is ensured by conducting annual audit of the statements
  • Financial support provided by the government agencies are audited by the respective Government Departments
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